My story starts in Australia, where I was born. I grew up with a classic Australian coastal lifestyle on the west coast of Victoria. My life from an early age has revolved around the ocean and being on the water. Surfing, Paddling, Fishing, Freediving and Swimming occupied my time and focus.


Surfing, in paticular led me to travel around Australia east to west, north and south looking for quality uncrowed waves. This expanded into overseas travel and in paticular the perfect waves of Indonesia in which led to many years of seasonal travel to the mystical archipelago.

My first experience with Stand Up Paddling was in 2009, in the early days of its introduction to Australia. I must admit I was not totally sold on SUP in the begining, The first time I tried SUP, was SUP surfing. I found it challenging trying to paddle into waves with a strong offshore wind!  But, I soon discoverd the versatility of this new sport and my love for it grew. 

In 2015 I moved to Jämtland , Sweden. This was a bold move for a coastal dweller from Australia!  But I love an adventure, and an opportunity to try something new.  Besides from the fjälls and winter snow activities,  I discovered the ubundace of lakes and rivers here in Jämtland. This led to an intesifying of my love for SUP and its use as a perfect tool to experience Jämtland from the water.

In 2021 I started Jämtlandsup as a way to share the stoke and introducing people to Stand Up Paddelboarding, and what Jämtland has to offer from a H2o perspective. My mission through Jämtlandsup is to offer people a unique, safe and enjoyable experience. I offer lessons and experiences to complete beginners through to the most experienced of paddlers. I look forward to giving you a unique and unforgettable experience!


Guiding of tours and lessons can be provided in Swedish and English. Water tempatures in Jämtland can be quite cool in the first couple of months of summer with the water warming up in July-August. Usually we suggest guests wear their usual sports training attire, with a waterproof jacket in case of rain. It can also be a good idea to have a change of clothes with you, a dry bag will be provided.

We take water safety serious at Jämtlandsup,  you will be required to wear a 50N flotation vest on all tours and lessons. We have an age limit of 16 years for children on our tours, unless a resposible parent or guardian is with them.

Our experiences and tours are built around a sense of adventure and curiosity. Any adventure is undertaken with the utmost respect for the environment and all that inhabit it.  As a tour and guiding provider it is our responsibility to leave as little impact as possible. We only conduct tours in small groups, up to 6 people per tour in certain areas.

Jämtland has endless possibilties for adventure and discovery. At Jämtlandsup we are well equiped with the best gear, safety equipment and Knowledge to facilitate the best experience for you. 

We provide structured tours, but can also develop experiences for groups or  individuals wanting a unique personalsed experience. The best thing with SUP  is its accessabilty to all levels. While some of our longer tours will require some previous SUP experience and a resonable fittness level, we also have shorter tours that are more manageable for compleate beginners.


  • Learn the fundamentals of SUP with us. In our basic intoduction to Stand Up Paddle Boarding you will learn safety, correct paddle technique , understanding the 5 stages of the paddle stroke, turning and manuvering and how to plan a tour. A basic lesson is 1.5 hrs, This includes board, life vest and one on one coaching. Price is 300kr per person.

  • For more advanced riders looking to develop their skill set , we offer a course in the more technical aspects of SUP. We teach you how to paddle with greater efficiency, more power and speed. You will learn how different foot stances affect weight distribution and power transfer. Pivot turning with speed and confidence , paddle bracing and how to paddle in different "gears" and cadence in crosswind, upwind and downwind conditions. You will learn how fin positions and different paddle lenghts are used for different conditions. This is a 3 hrs lesson. Price is 600kr per person.